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Annual Workout for Water

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

JOIN US July 15th @ 8:00AM for one incredible life-changing event you do NOT want to miss....

Workout for Water with NeverThirst & Grit Life Fitness

Did you know that women in Africa and Asia travel 5+ miles to get water for their families? And it's not even's infested with bad diseases that can harm their community.

It's time to put a stop to that and we need YOUR help!

By joining this workout, your donation will help put a well in communities so that way they have access to CLEAN drinking water.

We can help fathers get to work, kids show up to school as they aren't sick, and help the health of many families in the community.

What will this workout entail?

It's a 40 minute TEAM effort (team of 4) style workout. We will have weights, rowers, jump ropes, etc. Each team will have to work together to accomplish the workout.

What is the cost?

The cost is only $35 which gets you a FREE tee shirt and donations go towards NeverThirst to help build a well.

What is our goal?

With your help, we will reach our goal of $10k. This will help put in 2 wells in communities in Africa and Asia. Think about the lives we can change together!

Below is the impact report on the well we were able to come together and build in India in 2022... THANK YOU to everyone that played a part in changing the lives in this community!

Learn more about our charity partner, NeverThirst HERE.

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