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Group Training Fitness Class for Beginners, athletes, and professionals

We're a results driven, holistic fitness community providing structured training, accountability and customized nutrition delivering guaranteed & sustainable results to clients locally in Canton, GA and surrounding (Woodstock, Ball Ground, Waleska, Jasper, Holly Springs, Acworth, etc.), as well as long distance clients virtually. We specialize in functional fitness group training, semi-private and 1-on-1 personal training, providing a welcoming community to clients of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels.


Voted Best Gym in Canton, our clients appreciate our confidence of guaranteed results, an encouraging environment of smiles & high fives, while also being challenged to go beyond their comfort zones safely. Built on our owner's 20 years of experience and founded in the craziness of 2020, our Team is well-versed on pushing through adversity with purpose, passion and GRIT.


If you're reading this wondering, "Is this for me?" "Can I do this?" "But I'm... (fill in the blank)." 


You’re not too old. Or too out of shape. Or whatever it is your fear is telling you (it’s all lies!). 


There's a reason you found us. You’re ready for this. Meet our Team below and then set a time to book a "no sweat" consultation to connect and see if we're a good fit. We look forward to learning about your goals and discuss how we can help get you there.

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Meet Lindsay & Justin

Lindsay started her journey with a pair of dumbbells and stopwatch meeting weekly in a parking lot, determined to help a small group of motivated people get fit.  Nearly 20 years later, she has helped thousands of people of all fitness levels across the country lose weight, get strong, and improve their overall lifestyle. Beyond being featured in several magazines, she and her husband, Justin, have traveled the country speaking on numerous stages with the goal of inspiring others to make the changes necessary to dramatically improve their lives.


Fast forward to 2017, she and her family moved from the SC low-country to Cherokee County to pursue their dream of running their own gym and starting a little homestead. After years of being in the fitness industry, coaching at big box gyms, and running online training, they knew there had to be a better way to help many more people, and fill a much needed gap in the "gym space"... That was when they cracked the code and Grit Life Fitness was built on a 3 pillar foundation of Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability.  They couldn't be more proud of their Team who have helped transform countless lives and helped create the best community to be a part of in Canton.


In the rare case you don't see them in the gym, you may find them in the garden or spending time with their farm animals, encouraging their daughters at their soccer games, or competing in a Tough Mudder, Spartan, or Savage Race.

Meet Carrie
Grit Life Coach Manager

My absolute FAVORITE thing is to see my clients develop CONFIDENCE!


As an athlete, I've always had a passion for fitness. However, kids, work, LIFE seemed to trump my own health. I didn't feel good, I felt WEAK. It was when I started prioritizing myself, that my strength and confidence blossomed. It's empowering to be able to be active, keep up with the kids, be able to move well and to be STRONG.


At 40, I decided to leave the Corporate World and pursue my Personal Training Certification and Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification and I never looked back! My passion has fueled my quick growth, moving from a Support Trainer to Trainer Manager in just a few short years.


When a client picks up those heavier weights, pushes past that comfort zone and realizes their potential, it's inspirational! My desire is to help people of all ages, all fitness levels, gain confidence through strength training, conditioning and also NUTRITION.


Meet Aristeo
Grit Life Coach

I was born and raised in GA however my family is from Guatemala, hence the long hair LOL. 

I've always enjoyed helping others since being in sports through high school. I found myself helping others with their fitness and diet as I started college and it just came to me naturally. I used to play sports myself and my favorite thing to teach is speed and agility. I love training athletes to become better. 

I went through a spiral myself and had to clean myself up, so it feels good to help others who went through what I went through as I can show them how to succeed in their journey. 

When you start your program, don't rush it. Just start with where you are at and we will work along side of you every step of the way. 


Meet Kim
Grit Life Coach

10 years ago I decided to turn my life around after quitting smoking and gaining weight. I kicked off a fitness and nutrition journey that totally transformed my life.


It went so well that I wanted to get certified, but life got in the way. Then, over a year ago, I faced a tough head injury that set me back for many months, but as I started getting better, I used that time to finally get certified.


Now, I'm on a mission to help others conquer their own challenges and change their lives, just like I did! I’ve also chosen Grit Life cause they seem to be the first gym I’ve found that truly cares like I do.

Don't put off your health another day, it's so much better on the other side!

Image by Sven Mieke

Meet Cody
Coach & Supps/Nutrition Mgr

I started at Grit Life as a client. I was so scared to step foot into the gym (I stalked their social media for wayyy too long lol) but I finally got tired of wishing and just did it! I went through my own transformation and reached my goals within a couple of months. 


After working in the automotive industry for a while and simultaneously changing my habits, I fell in love with the gym. I slowly started to realize this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life... Help people become the best version of themselves! So, with the help of Grit Life, I got my Sports Nutritionist Certification and my PTC. 


My goals are always evolving, as will yours. But, I cannot wait to help you reach your potential and see you thrive! Starting your journey can be intimidating (trust me I know lol). With a little bit of knowledge, patience, consistency, and a lot of trusting the process, you’ll fly past those goals in no time! It’s uncomfortable, yes, but in the end everything that makes an impact on your life will be at first. YOU deserve to be happy and love yourself. So, what do you say? Will you let us help you get there? <3 


Meet Denny
Grit Life Coach

I was born and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland where I worked as a firefighter for 30+ years. While not always easy, staying #fitforduty was always the goal. During my career, I was able to steer health and fitness initiatives within the department. O2X and Food on the Stove Inc. provided customized wellness programs and healthy meals to firehouse tables.


After retiring from the fire service, my family relocated to Canton, Georgia where I joined Grit Life Fitness and had my own transformation as a client. As a coach, I am blessed to continue helping others in their fitness and nutritional journey.


While I enjoy lifting weights, HIIT is my jam! When I'm not in the gym, you can find me grinding out some miles getting ready for that next race! Wherever you're at on your journey, remember it's YOU vs. YOU!


Come get some GRIT!

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Meet Hope
Grit Life Coach

My journey to becoming a certified personal trainer began 7 years ago as a personal quest for lifelong wellness. I looked around and realized I had spent so much time taking care of my family and managing a home, but my personal health had taken a backseat. I started meeting a friend at a local gym in the mornings before work.


What began as a commitment to a healthier lifestyle soon evolved into a passion for fitness & well-being, and eventually my certification.

I love helping people see the freedom that comes with a healthy lifestyle. Fitness and nutrition are so much more than looking good. It’s about fighting disease, building strength to accomplish daily tasks, and thriving as we age. Guiding others on their health journey is a legit honor for me. It's not a job; it's a privilege. As my clients carve their path to better health, I'm right there, supporting them and cheering them on!

Gym Equipments
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