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What is the secret formula?

In a world that often echoes “Health is Wealth,” a question always lingers.. How many people truly invest in their well-being with the same dedication as they allocate their hard-earned money? The global obesity statistics paint a stark picture, revealing that more individuals neglect their health than those who prioritize it. 

The great news is that there is a simple formula – a blueprint to future-proof your health. This said blueprint promises a journey where you remain healthy, strong, lean, and energetic as you age. 

The problem for most people?

This formula isn’t a magic drink or an overnight drug that makes changes for you. Instead, it’s a strong combination of behaviors and habits demanding an investment of time and energy. For some, this commitment may seem daunting, but it’s this exact prolonged investment that yields remarkable results which leads to — strength, health, mental strength, and on top of that? A body that defies the conventional limitations of aging. 

Consider it depositing money into a savings account for your health, a reserve ready for withdrawal when life demands your peak vitality. 

So, what lies at the heart of this health formula you might wonder?

Resistance Training

While most individuals who think of weightlifting imagine bulging muscles and ego’s, resistance training extends beyond sculpting a fit physique. It fortifies bones, increases metabolic rates, enhances functional strength, and more. Let’s remind ourselves of a very important overlooked fact. As age advances, natural declines in muscle mass and bone density occur, bringing vulnerability to strength loss and fractures. Incorporating resistance training a few times a week becomes a strong countermeasure to this decline. 

However, resistance training is just the start of this health-investment strategy. A holistic approach mandates the inclusion of various exercises – cardiovascular workouts, mobility routines, and more. On days not dedicated to strength and muscle training, these activities seamlessly complement resistance training, contributing to enhanced blood circulation, improved heart health, and a metabolism primed for fat burning. 

You are what you eat.

The nutritional aspect is another pivotal piece of this intricate puzzle. Just like a fire demanding fuel for the flame, our bodies thrive on quality nutrition for peak performance. Crafting a sturdy, buoyant, and healthy body necessitates top-tier nutrition. With nutrient rich foods fueling that fire, muscle growth, sustaining workouts, and aiding recovery follow. A balanced diet encompassing whole foods – vegetables, carbs, proteins, and healthy fats – ensures the results of essential nutrients vital for bodily processes such as digestion, circulation, heart health, and metabolism. 

Yet, the main pillar for reaping the long-term benefits of exercise and nutrition lies in one word. 


In the realm of finance, compound interest propels investments to exponential growth over time through reinvested returns. Your health operates on the same terms. A solitary workout or a single wholesome meal might not trigger immediate transformations, a cumulative impact of daily choices leads to a body resilient to aging – strong, vibrant, energetic, and healthy. 

Consistency doesn’t equal an absence of rest or indulgence. Smart investment strategies recognize the need for balance. Regular recovery periods serve as safeguards against burnout and injuries, while occasional indulgences allow the enjoyment of life’s pleasures without derailing health and fitness pursuits. 

In essence, view the time and energy invested as deposits into your health savings account, a reservoir that future-proofs your well-being. Future-proofing health transcends chasing fitness fads or diet trends. It’s an unwavering commitment to the fundamentals, pursued consistently and passionately. Every effort, regardless of when initiated or re-initiated, contributes to the tapestry of a resilient, energetic life. So, as the year turns and resolutions arise, remember – it’s never too late to embark on, or recommence, the journey toward a healthier, wealthier you.

As always stay healthy and blessed! Don't forget to get that workout in today. ;)

-Coach Cody

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