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Grit Life Fitness Group Training programs


GRIT /gritnoun 

1. Made up of hustle, passion and perseverance. 

At Grit Life Fitness, we're a results driven, high energy, fitness community providing structured training, customized nutritional guidance and on-going accountability to create sustainable, long-term and guaranteed success (Yes, really). You’re not too old. Or too out of shape. Or too busy. Or whatever it is your fear is telling you (it’s all lies!!). You’re ready for this. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this page. Read on to learn more...

It's Time to Live the Grit Life.

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Functional group coaching, semi-private & 1-on-1 training focused on building strength and endurance to challenge any level.


Fully customized meal planning designed to help you burn stubborn fat and build lean muscle quickly and sustainably.


Ongoing personalized coaching and 1-on-1 check-ins to help keep you on track and support in achieving & sustaining your goals.


Our Commitment to You

Personalized step-by-step guidance to help you achieve and sustain your health goals and become the best version of YOU. 



There are plenty of weight loss programs, boot camps, and fitness facilities, but what sets us apart is that we provide supportive coaching in a group setting with a focus on form and function to keep you safe while achieving your goals. Our strength & endurance protocols are designed to target stubborn fat and build lean muscle. With our rotating protocols, you'll never be bored or see the same workout twice. Our Coaches provide modifications to ensure all fitness levels, from beginner to advance, get a great workout.

Semi-private training

Individualized personal training program in a group of 4 or less. We'll provide a personalized workout based on your specific goals, a fully customized meal plan, and detailed accountability to keep you on track. A more hands on and private setting, clients are able to take advantage of our coaches' expertise at a lower financial investment than private training — all while keeping the fun and friendly competitiveness of a small group dynamic.

1-on-1 personal

One on one individualized personal training program where you have your coach's 100% attention. After getting to know you and your goals, we'll provide a personalized program, a fully customized meal plan, and detailed accountability to keep you on track. This highly focused training is for clients looking for a more hands on and private setting than group training. We're so confident in our program accomplishing your goals, that we'll even guarantee results!

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High intensity Bodybuilding ono-on-one training with certified trainers
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In 12 weeks, Cynthia lost 13lb and gained a whole new sense of self worth!

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